Annelid Adaptions + Art

This lesson begins with students engaging in the practice of science -- observing the phenomena, describing their observations, and making sense of what they see. They observe annelid behaviors using a Shape of Life video with the audio turned off. They try to figure out what the phenomenon (the behavior) is, how it might help the organism survive, and how it might impact the environment. Working with a partner, they make hypotheses about what they are observing and organisms' adaptions that allow it to perform the behavior. They then explore how a key feature of both annelids and some art is repetition and how repeating patterns have benefits for both annelids and artists. They create artwork inspired by annelids and present them to the class, using the different mediums to explain annelid adaptations. Extend/Enrich activities are listed at the end of the lesson to help engage all learners.

Lesson Plan Files