Orange jellyfish swimming



Associated Shape of Life Content

Cnidarians: Life on the Move Questions

There are three separate lessons based on Questions.

  • A list of questions about the characteristics of cnidarians to use after viewing the video Cnidarians:Life on the Move.
  • A Shape of Life: Cnidarians worksheet. Students make sketches and write short answers to questions about the amazing world of cnidarians. This was created by Rachel Miller from Science from Scratch.
  • A Powerpoint with questions to use while watching the video Cnidarians: Life on the Move.

Hope For Coral Reefs

Worldwide coral reefs are suffering from the impacts of climate change. Around the world researchers are pioneering ways to protect and restore coral reefs that have already bleached. Between these efforts and the amazing capacity for corals to adapt to healthier environments, there seems to be  some hope.




Corals can be attached to reefs piece by piece with cement, zip ties, and nails. (Photo: Reef Resilience Network)